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With over 70 years of combined legal experience, Aronowitz Skidmore Lyon brings to its clients a recognized expertise in both transactional law and litigation in Placer County and throughout California.

Aronowitz Skidmore Lyon represents clients through an array of business and real estate transactions, and also provides dedicated advocates for its clients, whether they are plaintiffs or defendants, across a wide spectrum of disputes. Through experience and utilization of leading edge resources, the Firm provides quality legal services in the areas of real estate, corporate and business law, construction, estate planning and probate litigation. Our attorneys bring years of experience in their respective areas of expertise and are licensed to practice in all California State and Federal courts as well as the United States Supreme Court.

The Firm's philosophy is to provide the highest quality of legal representation in order to achieve our clients' goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner while at all times being responsive to our clients to achieve consistently
optimal results.

Legal Q&A

I want to sell my business and am concerned about what I will have to represent to a Buyer about the business, what records I should turn over and when. Is there a rule of thumb as to these matters in the sale of a business?

Depending on the nature of the business, what you have to represent and what records you turn over to a prospective buyer will vary greatly. Generally, before any records are turned over, you should have an agreement about confidentiality and restrictions on the use of the information. The timing and scope of the records or information provided will depend to a large extent on the proprietary nature of the information and/or its ability to allow the buyer to compete against the business. As to what representations you need to make, this is a critical area that could lead to future liability and should be examined carefully on a case by case basis. Consult an attorney to determine what is appropriate in your circumstance.

-Paul S. Aronowitz

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